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Welcome to Inspirigence Advisors, a distinguished IPO consulting firm renowned for its expertise in guiding companies through the Initial Public Offering (IPO) process and offering comprehensive investment and IPO advisory service in India. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, our team has established a reputation for guiding companies of all sizes through successful market entries in India’s equity markets.

Inspirigence – Your Partner For Successful IPO Launch

At Inspirigence, our team comprises the best IPO consultants in India, adept at shaping captivating investment stories customized to suit the specific requirements of every client. Our deep understanding of market dynamics allows us to provide bespoke solutions that align with the strategic goals of the companies we serve.

IPOs represent a pivotal moment in a company’s growth trajectory, offering access to capital markets and providing an opportunity to enhance visibility and credibility among stakeholders. For investors, IPOs present a chance to participate in the early stages of a company’s journey, potentially reaping substantial rewards as the business matures and expands.

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What is an IPO?

The term “IPO” refers to the public offering of shares in order to raise funds. A private firm becomes a public corporation as a result of this procedure.

Before, during, and after an Initial Public Offering (IPO Listing), communications must be well-planned and strategic. Our team of expert best IPO Advisory service in India has assisted and continues to assist companies of all sizes in successfully navigating their entry into the equity markets — from preparing the certificate of registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission and developing the investment story to developing the IPO trip and outreach proposals for investors, employees, and regulators. We create captivating investment stories and know what shareholders and investors need and want to hear.

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About Initial Public Offerings (IPO)

The Advantages of Having Your Company Listed on Exchanges

Best IPO Advisory Service in India

The firm’s name is emphasized in the country’s economic and business circles, resulting in word-of-mouth exposure for the business and corporation.

Once the issue is subscribed to and shares are distributed, the firm may plan the allocation of funds to its development projects or decrease debt, making the company more secure and sustainable.
Once the shares are listed and the company and fundamentals are in the public domain, it becomes simpler to obtain more capital through rights issues, QIPs, debt financing, and so on.

Listed firms and their share performance immediately get promotion about the company’s growth via media channels, business papers, and social media. This leads to a growth in the number of customers, investors, financial institutions, and so on. Furthermore, it contributes to the company’s increased business opportunities and financial growth.

IPO Advisory Services
Which Comprise The Following:


A document from the applicant or marketing firm stating the following:

  • “The Company has not been submitted to the Board of Industrial and Financial Reconstruction (BIFR).”
    It is permissible for a corporation to be out of BIFR.
  • No winding-up petition has been allowed by the court against the firm, and no liquidator has been appointed.


  • A website is required for all businesses.
  • The business must support demat securities trading and engage in an arrangement with both depositories.
  • There should be no change in the owners of the firm within one year of filing the application to BSE for registration under the SME sector.

Tax Advantages of Stock Market Listing

Short-term sales of unlisted shares are subject to capital gains tax of up to 30 percent as applicable to the taxpayer, as well as long-term capital gains tax of 10 percent without indexation and 20 percent with indexation. To understand more about the technicalities of tax benefits in IPO, one must consider taking Best IPO Advisory service in India. Short-term capital gains on listed securities are taxed at 15%, however, there is no long-term capital gains tax if the assets have been entitled to Share Securities Transaction Tax. This clearly shows that listing shares are a very appealing alternative for SMEs.

How our best IPO consulting services in India may assist you with IPO listing:

Partner With Inspirigence Advisors For A Successful IPO Launch

FAQ’s For Inspirigence IPO Advisory

IPO stands for Initial public offering. IPO(Initial public offering) is the offering of shares to the public in order to raise funds for a company. The IPO advisory is a type of investment banking firm that specialises in initial offerings for companies that are eligible to be listed on the SME (Stock Market Exchange). IPO advisory is important because it helps private firms get listed on a stock exchange for more growth and expandation of the firm on a large basis. The IPO advisory helps before and after the IPO listing. They are professionally well organized to communicate with well planned strategies. The advisory assists the company to enter into the equity share market and prepares the registration certificate with the security exchange and commission. It also provide in- depth information about the company to the investors, so they have proper knowledge of the company before investing. Inspirigence provides the best IPO advisory service in India.

An IPO advisor is an investment banking firm that helps private companies raise funds through IPOs, which are Initial Public Offerings. Private companies enter the stock exchange market with the help of IPO advisory and get listed in the equity share market. It assists both private firms in their pre- and post-IPO listing processes, as well as providing investors with information about the companies that are listed on the SME (Stock Market Exchange) for public offerings.Inspirigence is the best IPO advisory in India which also generates an accurate investment proposition and creates arising plans for the communication and other related responsibilities like making ready for the initial call of earnings. Inspirigence IPO consultancy in India provides a broad and proven approach for building a public infrastructure for companies.

Certain eligibility criteria must be met to launch an IPO. These criteria serve as a strong base and make the entire process a little better.

  • Financial Performance: A record of profit is a must, as it depicts the company’s potential to generate good earnings and attract investors. Along with it an applicable balance sheet to show the debt-to-equity ratio.
  • At least three years of experience: To initiate the company’s initial public offering (IPO), the applicant or company promoting it must submit annual reports to the National Stock Exchange (NSE) covering the preceding three crucial years. Additionally, the applicant company must provide a certificate to the NSE regarding the following terms:
  • Audited Financial Statements: The last 3-5 years of audited statements are mandatory and are prepared by the account’s firm or the company’s CA.
  • Certificate of Incorporation: It’s a certified copy that confirms the company’s existence and its incorporation date.
  • Legal Opinion: This is given by a qualified lawyer verifying whether the company can legally issue the shares following all the rules and regulations.
  • Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association (MOA & AOA): These documents give traces of the company’s purpose, objectives, and internal governance structure.

These are general documents that are required during the launch of the IPO. However, the documents may vary depending on the NSE’s rules and regulations and the company’s situation. For better guidance, you can always get in touch with Inspirigence and get your documents sorted.

Paid-up Capital: The issued price of the capitalization product multiplied by the number of equity shares for post-issue is known as capitalization. The applicant’s capitalization should not be less than 25 crores, nor should its paid-up equity share capital be less than 10 crores. It is necessary to consider the post-paid-up issue of equity share capital for which the listing is requested.

The term “going public” means a business or company getting listed on the NSE (National Stock Exchange) offering the sale of securities to the public and taking funding from the public. Companies go public with the help of an IPO (Initial Public Offering). Inspirigence also comes under one of the best IPO consultants in India, guiding you to get public offerings and managing the first calls of earnings.

The IPO (Initial Public Offering) market had never been more complicated or difficult. Inspirigence is the best IPO advisory service in India. The Inspirigence advisory services team provides end-to-end strategies and solutions to the companies that get through the process of IPO. Advisory services tools and procedures assist companies to manage the risk and minimise the time of execution so that the business owner can be more focused on the investors and the company.

  • The company’s paid-up capital is the amount of money a company receives from the investors/shareholders in the IPO. According to the criteria requirements, it’s compulsory for companies to have at least 10 crores as paid-up capital.
  • The minimum eligibility criteria are met based on IPO equity share capital and the least percentage are put forward in an IPO when it is declared.
  • The net worth (assets – liabilities) of the company appearing in the IPO must be at least 1 crore for each of the previous 3 years.
  • Rs. 3 crore of tangible assets for each of the 3 previous years. A maximum of 50% of the assets must be carried in monetary assets.
  • Rs. 15 crore should be the average operating profit from the last 3 preceding years.

Inspirigence is one of the best IPO consultants in India and best IPO advisory, which provides all the information related to IPO and makes companies listed on the NSE (National Stock Exchange). It not only offers IPO advisory but also provides information about the companies to the investors that makes them easily understand the company’s market and value.

The timeline varies depending on various factors. The typical IPO process has several factors, only some of the processes can take hardly 1-2 weeks, while others might take 6 to 12 months. Roughly, the entire process could take 12 months.

Taking a company public through an IPO carries significant risks and potent benefits. An IPO enhances the company’s visibility and credibility; the capital infusion enables the company to fund growth initiatives; and the existing shareholders can sell their shares and monetize them. Along with these potential benefits, an IPO also has a few risks and challenges, such as pressure to perform well in the short term, market fluctuations, administrative complexity, and costs. Moreover, sometimes the founder’s decision might be influenced by the shareholders or investor’s perceptions. The major challenge is the cost, meaning that taking a company public via IPO includes substantial costs, which include several fees that might outweigh the benefits for a few firms.

In India, the IPO launching process consists of several stages, but you do not have to go alone through all the processes. Our IPO consulting services make the entire process smooth and effortless. The various key stages involved in the entire process are:

    • Preparation of Registration of Certificate
    • Discussions with the Intermediaries
    • Submission to SEBI
    • Marketing
    • Fixed-priced Offering or Book Building
    • Share Allotment
    • Public Listing
    • Post-IPO Observation

Inspirigence’s approach to offering IPO consulting is unique and different from several other consultancy agencies. Our advisory service provides you with a one-stop solution for all your financial and IPO needs. We are considered one of the best IPO consultants in India because we excel in providing all-around guidance, post-IPO support, and comprehensive strategy, and, most importantly, we take pride in mentioning that we do not follow a common strategy for every client, company, or investor, but according to the requirements, we provide you with tailored guidance.

Inspirigence plays a crucial role in navigating regulatory requirements and compliance issues during the entire process. We have an expert team that is well-qualified and experienced in regulations and compliance requirements. The team stays updated on changes in regulations and other formalities to avoid future risks and issues and make sure that the company follows all the rules. We create a detailed compliance plan that includes identifying and addressing the risks, creating and planning the risk management strategies, and establishing the process to sync with the ongoing regulatory tasks post-listing.

After the IPO listing, we keep a constant check on investor relations and market performance through continuous compliance monitoring and financial reporting. Moreover, we help in building relations with investors, risk management, guidance on capital structure, etc. Along with all these post services, we at Inspirigence make sure that everything is kept transparent to increase market performance.

Inspirigence offers a range of IPO consulting services throughout the IPO journey, which are as follows:

    • Preparation of Registration of Certificate
    • Submission to SEBI
    • Marketing & Strategy
    • Public Listing
    • Execution
    • Post-IPO Observation
    • And Post-IPO Guidance

At Inspirigence, we offer the best IPO advisory service in India with customized planning and development to every company, thus catering to individual needs and requirements. This makes the workflow smooth and on-point without any confusion.

We leverage our wide network and team to facilitate increased exposure for the client’s company before starting the IPO process. Our dedicated research team thoroughly does the in-depth analysis of the markets, and structures the possible capabilities and potential a company holds. In addition, it also notes down the risks that one might face, along with their solutions.