Fund accounting is a type of accounting system which helps an individual to track a record. It is a non-profit organization that focuses on accounting rather than making profits. Maintaining tighter reporting deadlines while managing your fund accounting and NAV administration can divert your attention from your top priority, creating value for your investors.

At Inspirigence, we offer a personalized service of the highest possible quality, which includes an expert period-end process that guarantees you’ll meet your deadlines. While NAV stands for Net asset value, is the sum of the total assets less than some of the total liabilities of investment business. You can concentrate on accelerating growth for your fund’s investment plan by letting us handle your daily accounting, management reporting, consolidation services, NAV calculations, and financial statement preparation. Investors also demand more regular reporting on areas such as ESG and Diversity & Inclusion, taking up even more of your time.

In addition to providing day-to-day accounting, management reporting, consolidation services, NAV calculation in accordance with fund requirements, and financial statement preparation, we also perform accounting for real estate, private equity, hedge funds, and fund of funds. Our qualified personnel has knowledge of manager-specified variances, industry standards, and GAAP.

Our Fund Accounting Services Include:

  • Managing NAV for the following funds: Longshot, Global Macro, Absolute Return, Master Feeder, and Crypto Currency
  • Preparation of Financial statements
  • Static – Securities and Fund Set up
  • Expense set up and accounting
  • Corporate Action processing
  • Subscription and Redemption
  • Trade processing
  • Income Booking
  • Coordination of daily reports and settlements with the custodian, prime brokers, and counterparties
  • Trade, Position, and Cash Reconciliation
  • Performance Fee computation
  • Distribution waterfall
  • Investor allocation
  • NAV computation

There are many NAV administration services in India that handle trust declarations and determine net asset value.

NAV Administrator is a phrase used to describe a third-party administrator hired occasionally by the General Partner to perform accounting and valuation services for the Partnership in accordance with the Limited Partnership Agreement.

Fund Accounting and NAV Administration Services in India

At Inspirigence we offer fund accounting services on various platforms.

We have a lot of experience overseeing how to fund revenues distributed to partners and executives. We provide qualitative inspections in the interest of all parties since we recognize that accurately calculating the waterfall is a crucial administrative component for the manager and the investors. ​Together with you, our team of skilled fund administrators will run your back office and perform all the labor-intensive tasks. Whether you’re a beginner fund manager or an established institutional firm with sophisticated requirements, we have your back.

Waiting for quarterly updates won’t help. When you need them, the Inspirigence dashboard provides the most recent metrics in the same location where you manage your fund, and securely share information with your LPs and portfolio firms.

We provide reliable Corporate Fund Accounting services with open-ended investment funds that allow individuals and institutions to invest in, or take their money out of, the fund on an ongoing basis. This covers fund accounting services, determining net asset value and performance fees, maintaining records, paying invoices, conducting banking transactions, and other activities. Distributions, Capital Calls, Allocation of Partnership Profit and Loss, and distribution of statements from partners are also included under fund accounting.

Inspirigence also provides Pre-Launch Support and guidance with Fund launching. Unaudited financial statements must be prepared in accordance with applicable accounting rules which involves Financial Statement Preparation. Our bookkeeping and corporate fund accounting services will relieve you of the daily account maintenance. Income statement, Balance sheets, and Detailed general ledger will be furnished at the end of the of the agreed reporting period, creating a chart of accounts.

Our Roles in Setting up a Business in India

  • Keeping a record of the purchase and sales invoices.

  • Verifying the  bank accounts.

  • Preparing  GST report and providing GST assistance filing, closing journal entries and additional adjustment journal entries posting.