What is an IPO?

An not listed company (A company which is unlisted on the stock market) declares an initial public offering (IPO) when it decides to grow funds through the sale of shares or securities for the first time to the public.

Types Of IPO

1 - Fixed Price Offering 2 - Book Building offering

How to invest in IPO?

1 - Decision 2 - Funding 3 - Opening a demat-cum trading account 4 - Application process 5 - Bidding 6- Allotment

Terms with IPO

1. Issuer 2. Underwriter 3. Draft Red Herring Prospectus (DRHP) 4. Fixed Price IPO 5. Green Shoe Option 6. Under Subscription & Over Subscription 7. Book Building

Eligibility Norms For Investing An IPO:

The company should have been register on any other approved Stock Exchange for at minimum last three years or listed on the exchange having country wise trading terminals for at minimum six months. Minimum daily average turnover during last 6 months (value) - Rupees. 10 L

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