Fund Accounting and NAV Administration

At Inspirigence Advisors, we offer a personalized service of the highest possible quality, which includes an expert period-end process that guarantees you’ll meet your deadlines.

Our Fund Account Services Include

1. Managing NAV for the following funds: Longshot, Global Macro, Absolute Return, Master Feeder, and Crypto Currency 2. Preparation of Financial statements 3. Static – Securities and Fund Set up 4. – Expense set up and accounting

5. Corporate Action processing 5. Subscription and Redemption 6. Trade processing 7. Income Booking 8. Coordination of daily reports and settlements with the custodian. 9. Trade, Position, and Cash Reconciliation 10. Performance Fee computation  11. Distribution 12. Investor allocation 13. NAV computation

How is NAV Calculated?

A fund receives investments of money. An investor receives shares from the fund. The fund then invests in other financial instruments, creates money, pays bills, and so forth. It is determined what the net asset value is. The basis for processing subsequent investments and withdrawals is the NAV per share. Thus, the number of shares issued to investors and the sum of cash paid to investors are determined by the NAV per share.

Our Roles in Setting up a Business in India:

1. Keeping a record of the purchase and sales invoices. 2. Verifying the  bank accounts. 3. Preparing  GST report and providing GST assistance filing, closing journal entries and additional adjustment journal entries posting.